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Transfer Obsolete Tape Formats to Digital

Lo-band or high-Band U-Matic
inc U-Matic SP to  MP4 or QT File

Up to 60 minutes
£40.00 Prices for single tape only
Sony Betamax to DVD or MP4 File
0- 60 minutes £30.00
Up to 90 minutes £35.00
Prices for single tape only
Phillips N 1700 to DVD or MP4 or QT File

Your audio and video memories can go digital!

The past may seem like another country when you come across old reel-to-reel audio tapes - and more recent redundant items like VHS and audio cassettes.
Your family history, maybe including those you have loved and lost, is often locked away so you can’t watch or listen to it on your DVD or CD player.
The good news is that at Scarfe Audio Visual, we are here to help you. It doesn’t matter if it’s Betamax, Hi-8 or Lo-Band Umatic we can convert it for you to digital, with minimal quality loss. Indeed sometimes we can make it look and sound better than the original!
Memories we have salvaged include a Ferrograph reel-to-reel audio recording of a 1960s wedding and a 1980s wedding shot by a pop star guest on his prized Betamovie Betamax camcorder. It was the very first domestic camcorder, as before then the camera and recorder were separate bulky items to lug about. And only a pop star could have afforded the outrageous price tag of around £1500!
But all those were easy jobs compared to the crates of assorted video tapes of the Lord Mayor of London’s annual processions dating back to the 1970s and recorded off air. The BBC unfortunately hadn’t kept copies and these historical events had been missing, presumed wiped.
The mishmash of formats ranged from Phillips N1700 to Betamax to VHS and copying them took weeks, but now they are all on DVD in date order and saved for posterity.

Lord Mayor's Show transmitted on BBC 1 in 1978 and recorded on a Phillips N1700

Calling all former Wedding Video customers 

VHS may be dead – or dying – but any wedding video or other programme Scarfe Audio Visual produced for you can now have a whole new lease of life on digital computer file for your phone, tablet or other device.
Back in the 1980s we made the unusual decision that we would retain all master tapes – so one day they could be upgraded to a better quality format. Foresight or what?
So you know what to do if the VCR chews up your precious tape – or you would like to see it in its original glory. You will be surprised how much better it looks and sounds.

Price includes digital re-mastering of Betacam SP or SVHS master tape

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