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Tapes to Digital or DVD

Economy Service: for consumer format tapes:

If you simply want a programme of up to two hours burnt to DVD-R, opt for our entry-level high quality no-frills service, which costs £30.00 for a single video clip or tape to DVD. Each additional video clip or tape to the same DVD costs an additional £6.00. Or you may prefer transfer to video digital files (MP4 format) which can be viewed on any Mac or PC laptop, tablet or smartphone. Any single file of up to one hour costs £30, then £10 per hour after that. (This service is for basic transfer and does not include trimming or removal of blank sections) But you or we can edit the computer file afterwards. Plus USB Stick.
The machine used for all VHS & SVHS, including VHS compact tapes, is the Panasonic AG-7650 industrial VCR. Its picture quality is far higher than any domestic video player. View your VHS original tape as you have never seen it before, digitally stabilised and corrected to maximise the image quality for digitisation to computer file or transfer to DVD. Bear in mind that the final output will only ever be as good as the quality of the source so the transfer machine is paramount in optimising preservation of your cherished memories.


If you opt for DVD transfer, we use top quality discs, usually Verbatim, to ensure the widest possible play-back compatibility and will print the disc-face with your chosen title in black if it is provided at the time of order.
NTSC DVDs for viewing in the USA, Canada and Japan are available at no extra charge.
We can handle most consumer tape formats including Video 8, Hi 8, Digital 8, SVHS/VHS and DV.
We can fit 120 minutes on a disc in best quality mode, or up to three hours at higher compression, which will result in some quality loss.

NB: This service does not apply to memory or hard drive camcorder media, see professional service

Economy Service for obsolete tapes:
Sony Betamax - Sony U-Matic & Philips N1700 see obsolete tapes


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VHS and VHS "C"  Super VHS

Video 8 Hi-8 and Digital 8

Mini DV


We can handle most consumer tape formats