The place to go for Video, Filming, Tapes to Digital, Transfers, Duplication and Audio Recording in Dereham, Norfolk

Professional Tape Format Transfers
or to Digital file in Quick Time (QT) format .MOV or .MP4
DVCPRO, DVCAM ,Betacam, Digital Betacam & U-Matic SP

U-Matic inc High & SP to DVCAM to H264 or QT File (.MOV)
DVCPRO to DVCAM to H264 or QT File (.MOV) (.MP4)
Betacam SP to DVCAM to H264  or QT File (.MOV) (.MP4)

Digital Betacam and Beta SP, Digital QT or MP4 File

To and from any format £1.00 a minute plus stock. Minimum charge £30 plus tape stock or USB

For old tape formats like Betamax, see Obsolete Tapes

There is a £30 minimum Transfer charge, plus the cost of any tapes supplied.